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In our Technology Center located in Toledo we have enabled a space of talent and training where we will teach courses to train new professionals in the logistics industry.

Training very close

From the Modumaq Group we have developed a training plan where we will carry out events, conferences and talks focused on all levels and themes related to the most advanced technologies, industry 4.0, digital transformation, maintenance 4.0, …

Advanced technologies

Get the latest technology

Industry 4.0

Technical integration of cyber-physical systems in production and logistics activities

Digital transformation

Smartly combine the latest technologies

Maintenance 4.0

Get the latest technology

Next Courses

All the training courses offered in our technological center are focused on the 4ª industrial revolution and training with technology tools to carry out all types of industrial automation.

TIA Portal Siemens

Solid Edge

NX-MCD Siemens

Way to 4.0 Industry

4.0 Maintenance

Ask for information

Contact us and we will send you all the information regarding the course.

Who conducts the training courses?


Below you will find general information about the training provided in our technology center.

What is the cost of the training days?

The events and technical conferences that take place have no cost for the attendees. For training courses, it will be necessary to know the information of each of them.

Who can sign up for the courses?

All courses will be open to everyboda but each training course will be focused on professionals, students, … depending on the objective of the courses it will be specified for whom it will be directed.

Where are the days taught?

The conference will be taught in the training classrooms available to the Modumaq technology center, where they will be completed with the showroom space available in the center.

Is there a possibility of online mode?

All information on the modalities of the courses, conferences or training will be described in our news section and will be informed through our newsletter.

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