Light and RF guided picking systems

The integration of pick to light or radio frequency systems allows a great optimization in order preparation times.

These devices are the simplest on the market, allowing them to be the fastest and with the least errors in mass order preparation. They have a large, robust and easy-to-operate validation button, in addition to managing up to 7 colors so that several operators can work at the same time in the same area.

With a fully customizable display, it will offer the possibility to show the necessary information to the operator about the quantity, lot, date, etc. that is necessary for a correct preparation of orders.


Interroll crossbelt sorters are a particularly efficient and robust solution because all transverse belt cars operate mechanically, minimizing electronic components.

The crossbelt sorter has become the solution with the highest energy efficiency in the market.

The simple and modular design, both of the sorter and of the inductions and chutes, facilitates the relocation of an existing system with minimal downtime and commissioning.

Thanks to the easy operation and extreme robustness, we can guarantee maximum availability and uptime in continuous production.

Vertical crossbelt

The main feature of the vertical sorter is the unmistakable compact, modular and space-saving design.

The possibility of making frontal inductions with a minimum height, guarantees the treatment of fragile goods.

The destinations are directly accessible from both sides and are designed with maximum density and adapted to sizes, shapes, weights, etc., of the load units.

Horizontal crossbelt

Horizontal sorters are characterized by their flexible layout, which saves space with curves and slopes of ascent and descent.

Its circular configuration provides an added advantage and ensures the highest level of classification performance due to the automatic recirculation of “no-reads” read errors and cases of “overflow” overflow.

With an adequate arrangement, it is possible to make configurations with several “logical sorters” within a single installation.

As an official Rolling On Interroll partner, Modumaq has the exclusive possibility of collaborating, as necessary, with select and trusted partners of the ROI community.

With this vast and varied experience, Modumaq can promote the interests of our clients in Spain and internationally, always our top priority!

Classification for ecommerce

Transport Light

We integrate the latest technology in transport modules, which has a scalable design for future growth with a high return on investment and completely modular, so that the configuration of the system and installation requires the minimum intervention time.

Pallet transport

Our solutions for pallet handling are based on the combination of standardized modules together with robotic cells, satellite cars and lifting systems. With a personalized study, we adapt the final design to the needs of each installation.

Other classification systems

  • Integrations

    Integrations with the major punctual brands in the logistics sector of the market.

  • WRH Global Iberian

    Denisort, Tilt Tray Sorter system that combines all the advantages of folding and gravity tray sorters in a single system.

  • Varniet

    HC Sorter, the high-speed shoe sorter capable of working with a wide variety of products due to their morphology or weight.


Technological Automation and Maintenance

Motivated by the growth of recent years, the ATM company joins the Modumaq group as the official software and start-up developer.

ATM has a young team backed by the experience of the Modumaq group, generating a balanced combination to offer the solution tailored to each client.

On call

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