ID Logistics automate its Pharma and OTC logistics center with Modumaq technology

Modumaq, has installed an automatic picking and sorting order line for the pharma – OTC operation of the logistics center of ID LOGISTICS, one of the most important logistics operator in Europe, as a result of the commercial collaboration with the Swiss company Wrh Global Ibérica.

With this system, the logistic operator will be able to optimize the routes of the operators, thanks to a complete automatic process that has up to 10,000 positions of dynamic and pick to light picking and about 1,000 dynamic pallets positions. We’ve installed a modular zone routing solution, which starts with a multiformat box forming machine which send boxes to the picking area, that is divided into picking subzones, all of them equipped with a laser scanner that will identify the box and assisted by a last generation pick to light system. The project also has a pick-up system guided by RF and a pallet flow pallet accumulation system for the preparation of full-case orders. Once the boxes have been completed, it will be released automatically and then closed applying hot-melt. Finally, all boxes, both unit picking and full case, will go to the route area, where initially they will be weighed dynamically and labeled with the shipping label, to be subsequently classified based on the requirements of the customer management system.

Undoubtedly, this is one of the most efficient and cost-effective solutions to efficiently and quickly collect customer orders.