Modumaq consolidates in Ecuadorian market installing a high speed sorter in one of the biggest companies in Ecuador

The Ecuadorian company, which has malls and supermarkets, toy stores, department stores, home centers, music and video stores, among others, will have a system for preparing orders and classifying them to routes in its distribution center.

The system will provide an automated solution to the processes of order preparation and classification in the distribution center of the Ecuadorian company located in Guayaquil.

The most important part is a high-speed mechanical crossbelt sorter, capable of reaching up to 12,000 packages per hour, coming from the automated cross-docking and storage areas.

The process can start randomly and simultaneously from the warehouse area (pick to belt) or from the area crossdocking area.

The crossdocking area is located on the ground floor and has 8 ergonomic positions with lifting table and manual loading. The sorting area will be formed by 62 ramps, and 2 evacuation ramps.

For the control of the system, a main control cabinet will be installed which includes the touch screen with remote access, as well as several auxiliary cabinets distributed in the different areas of the installation. All the components of the installation will be connected by a direct field bus (ASI), and for the induction zones, communication technology will be used profinet, which decongests the wiring zones thanks to communications. For the scanning area, we will install 5-sided omnidirectional systems based in linear cameras, capable of reading on any type of surface.