Sorting systems for e-commerce distribution centers

Automatic sorting systems, specially designed for logistic and eCommerce centers, which are composed by induction and loading area, singulator and quality control area, and finaly sorting area.

Depending on the product and the required production, we can install different sorting systems.. In the case of boxes or regular objects, we can separate and sort the product with cross straps reaching productions of up to 2,000 packages per hour. Maintaining this production and for irregular goods, the ideal system is the compact-sorter, which is a sorter system based on pneumatically actuated pushers, what is valid for any kind of product from an envelope to a heavy or irregular box.

With irregular products or if the range of products is very wide or productions bigger than 2,000 packages / hour, the appropriate system is the diverters pop ups or directly a high speed crossbelt if we talk about productions of 6,000 packages / hour onwards.Thanks to these solutions, large multinationals with more than 130 years of history in the logistics sector for the textile and fashion industry, have trusted Modumaq when they need automatize their new eCommerce centers.