Industrial robotic and end of lines

Thanks to the latest developments in industrial and collaborative robots, we can improve the productivity in your company helping to the operators in monotonous and repetitive jobs, and allowing them to focus on more complex jobs or finish that in collaboration with the robot in a shared space.

One of the most common solutions is palletizing and shrinking cells, composed by modular and roller conveyors, a robotic arm capable of asume the production of several lines, pallets conveyors valid for full and half pallets, automatic pallets dispensers with shuttle to provide the different palletizing areas, and automatic shrinking, covering or labeling machines. In addition, it has the latest technology in security systems formed by perimeter fencing with encrypted access and intelligent security barriers.

Thanks to this solution, our customers are automatizing their palletizing and shrinking  projects in packaging lines, so that they will be able to increase their production in a shorter time, optimizing costs.