Picking and sorting systems with high production

The Ecuatorian company that own supermarket chain, toy stores among others, will have an ordering and sorting system in its main logistic center. The proposed system will give an integral solution in an automated way to the process of the preparation and clasification of orders in the logistic center of the Ecuatorian company located in Guayaquil.

For this reason, a hight- speed mechanical crossbelt sorter system will be installed, which will be able to reach up 12000 packages per hour from automated crossdoking zones and stores.

The process can start from the storage area ( pick to belt) or from the entry area and box preparation ( crossdoking). The zone of the storage area consists of three level in height where the operators put directly the boxes on the roller driver conveyor.

The crossdoking zone is located on the ground floor and consists in eight ergonomic posts with lifting table and manual loading and the corresponding scans for associating boxes in the same. The sorting area has 62 ramps and two evacuation ramps, one of each branch.

For the control system will be installed a main control and maniovering cabinet where the touch screen with remote access is located, as well as several auxiliary cabinet.

All the components of this instalation will be from our partner Siemens and will be use the latest communications technology, providing the entire crossbelt sorter maneuver with a direct field bus ( ASI ) and for the induction zone will be used profinet communication technology wich decongests the wiring zone.

For the reading of packages in the storing area will be installed two omnidirectional reading systems on five sides of Datalogic brand, formed by lineal camaras able to read on any type of sourface.